Extraction Reagents

AusDiagnostics extraction kits have been designed with convenience in mind. MT-Prep™ and Puryx® extraction kits are optimised to provide you choice and versatility.

MT-Prep™ Extraction

MT-Prep™ extraction enables sample purification of 1 to 24 samples without reagent and plasticware wastage.

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Puryx® Rapid Extraction

Purify DNA/RNA for up to 96 samples in 25 minutes with the Puryx® Rapid extraction kit.

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Puryx® Access Extraction

Redefining convenience – transform your sample purification workflow with pre-filled reagent plates.

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Puryx® Comprehensive Extraction

Attain high-purity DNA/RNA for up to 96 samples in 1 hr 45 mins with the Puryx® Comprehensive.

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