UltraPlex Jump

The ultimate extraction-free platform for high-throughput multiplex PCR processing

Instantly pivot from processing sample extracts to extraction-free MT-PCR directly from primary sample tubes.

Extraction-Free Mode

UltraPlex Jump System


Automate highly-multiplexed PCR without the need for extraction.

Classic Extraction Mode

The UltraPlex Alliance™
MT-Prep XL and UltraPlex Jump system

Align the capabilities of a high-throughput extractor and MT-PCR processor.

Perform extraction-free MT-PCR processing, or operate in combination with an extractor depending on your requirements at any given time.


Held in convenient carriers, primary sample tubes can be loaded directly onto the instrument deck for direct sampling, ensuring minimal hands-on time.

The on-board barcode scanner automatically records primary sample tube barcodes and other reagents, ensuring seamless traceability.


Integrated error checking and handling ensures correct reagents and placement before every run.


Utilising advanced air displacement technology, the efficient 8-channel pipettor delivers precise and dependable operation eliminating the need for system liquids, thus enhancing convenience and reducing maintenance.

Easily replaceable inline filters prevent liquid from entering the system, ensuring operational security and safeguarding samples and equipment.

Enhanced with robust pressure monitoring and rapid liquid level detection, the UltraPlex Jump ensures reliable and high-performance operation for critical lab workflows.


Total processing time
(96 samples)

Classic Extraction Mode
Step 1 MT-PCR: 1 hr 45 mins
Step 2 MT-PCR & analysis: 1 hr 15 mins

Total hands-on time: 10 mins

Extraction-Free Mode
Data coming soon

Features & Benefits

  • Process 96 samples in 3 hours
  • Flexibility of using primary sample tubes or sample extracts
  • Up to 4 TandemPlex® panels prepared concurrently for streamlined efficiency
  • Less than 10 minutes hands-on time
  • Automatic barcode scanning for primary sample tubes and reagents
  • Accepts a variety of primary sample tube sizes

Compatible panels

A growing range of TandemPlex® panels are available in extraction-free mode:

  • Faecal Bacteria and Parasites A 12-well REF 85046 (RUO)
  • Faecal Pathogens B 16-well REF 25033
  • Faecal Pathogens M 16-well REF 25039
  • Enteric Viruses 8-well REF 25037
  • Faecal Bacteria and Parasites 12-well REF 25041
  • Vaginitis and Vaginosis 12-well REF 87124
  • Viral and Syphilis 12-well REF 87095 (Selected targets)
  • Urinogenital and Resistance 12-well REF 87123 (Selected targets)

All TandemPlex® panels are available in classic extraction mode.

Explore Panels

  • 8-channel pipetting for maximum efficiency
  • 384-well real-time thermocycler for high-throughput
  • Automation for MT-PCR allows detection of up to 40 gene targets simultaneously
  • Error handling and error recovery features
  • Full enclosed operating environment
  • Samples per annum - 36,000 - 72,000

System Specifications

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