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The AusDiagnostics Haemochromatosis panel includes sequence variants that account for 80% of hereditary haemochromatosis cases. In addition to automated results interpretation and diagnosis, the results software provides the Heterozygous or homozygous mutation status. A further diagnostic benefit is the ability to estimate the risk of iron overload based on the variant and prevalence, allowing for better informed treatments. The AusDiagnostics Haemochromatosis 8-well panel allows for the simultaneous detection of wildtype and mutant variations at 3 amino acid positions in the HFE gene that are responsible for iron overload, with a sensitivity and specificity above 95%.
Haemochromatosis 8-well (REF 23156)
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  • HFE gene – amino acid position 63 (wt and H63D mutant)
  • HFE gene – amino acid position 65 (wt and S65C mutant)
  • HFE gene – amino acid position 282 (wt and C282Y mutant)

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​Haemochromatosis 8-well Step 1 Tubes
12 x 8 well Strips
Haemochromatosis 8-well Step 2 Plates
​Box of 12 Plates
Demi DNA Reagent Cassettes
Box of 10
Synthetic Positive Controls for Haemochromatosis
Box of 10

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