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TandemPlex® – Multiplex Tandem PCR

Multiplex Tandem PCR (MT-PCR) is a unique patented technology that allows the detection of multiple targets in one sample without compromising analytical sensitivity and specificity.

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Answer multiple diagnostic questions with one test
  • Up to 40 gene targets on a single panel
  • High specificity
  • High sensitivity – detect the lowest concentration of target genes
  • Only 10μL of sample required – preserve sample volume for other diagnostic analysis
  • ​​Allows high throughput for maximum efficiency​​
  • Real-time quantitation
Superior sensitivity

MT-PCR is designed for simultaneous detection of several targets. The proprietary technology allows for the smallest concentration of nucleic acids to be amplified, even in the presence of other highly abundant genetic material. Each reaction occurs independently, thus preserving the relative quantity between analytes.

Unmatched specificity

Nested primers ensure that only the relevant nucleic acids are amplified for detection. Each target is amplified independently which eliminates competition between targets, enabling the highest levels of specificity. With MT-PCR, you can be confident in the reliability of results to help you make the appropriate diagnosis.

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For the widest range of pathologies

TandemPlex® panels are created to meet the growing and everchanging needs of physicians who prioritise consistency across a wide range of pathologies. Whether it be detecting respiratory infections, or testing for food safety, there are flexible panel options to suit your application.

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Reduce hands-on time with reliable automation

MT-PCR panels are optimised for automation and pair seamlessly with the HighPlex and UltraPlex platforms to reduce hands-on time, freeing resources for other critical tasks.

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