MT-PCR technology for use on the HighPlex and UltraPlex 3 systems.

Reliable syndromic testing

Achieve optimum diagnostic results across a wide range of conditions in different research areas and industries.

MT-PCR panels utilise patented TandemPlex® technology to provide unmatched multiplexing capability, allowing efficient and comprehensive testing of over 40 genetics markers from a single sample. With over 200 gene targets, MT-PCR panels offer unmatched comprehensive molecular testing results.

MT-PCR panels are designed to ensure that gene targets included in each panel are clinically relevant and created for reliable performance every time.

Features & Benefits

  • Detect between 6 to 40 targets from a single sample with real-time PCR
  • Independent amplification of target genes prevents competition
  • Built-in inhibition and performance verification controls for added reliability and transparency
  • Small sample size – only 10μL of sample is required to test for up to 40 targets with MT-PCR
  • All reagents come in flexible and pack sizes for optimal economy

Human Diagnostics

Attain more comprehensive and accurate diagnostic results from a single sample. With MT-PCR, you deliver better patient outcomes by testing for more targets with minimal sample size.

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Animal Health

Earlier detection and identification of pathogens including zoonoses significantly facilitate more effective management and control of animal diseases. AusDiagnostics offers animal diagnostic panels to detect a variety of pathogens associated with small animals.

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Applied Testing

Detect pathogens in agricultural, water, and food samples accurately and efficiently with MT-PCR applied testing panels. Our applied testing panels encompass the important pathogens that affect agriculture, water safety and food safety, such as mushroom pathogens, and Cyanobacteria. Empower your operations with rapid detection to enable earlier interventions.

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Genetic Disorders

Haemochromatosis is typically caused by hereditary factors that may be too diverse for conventional detection. TandemPlex® panels feature multiplex-tandem PCR (MT-PCR), a multiplexed molecular method that provides the added capability to detect multiple gene targets in one go, allowing vastly superior sensitivity and clinical coverage.

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