Sample Preparation Solutions

Empowering users with convenient, time-saving workflows, Prepyx® is ideal when rapid and reliable results are critical to patient outcomes.

Skip extraction with Prepyx® Stool Extraction-Free Buffer


Expedite testing of your gastrointestinal targets and skip the need for lengthy extraction protocols.

Ideal for improving daily throughput, Prepyx® Stool Extraction-Free Buffer integrates seamlessly into your PCR workflow to simplify diagnostic testing.

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Give fungi nowhere to hide with Prepyx® Tissue Digestion Buffer

Deal with dermatophytes by treating your hair, skin, and nail specimens with Prepyx® Tissue Digestion Buffer.

Keratinous tissue samples can make sample purification challenging. Prepyx® Tissue Digestion Buffer liberates hard-to-
reach dermatophytes and other fungi from hair, skin, and nail samples to improve the yield of targets of interest for downstream sample purification.

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