HighPlex Ascend

Dependable automation delivering high quality results every time

AusDiagnostics’ flagship multiplex platform the HighPlex Ascend is a reliable everyday solution for laboratories with medium throughput needs. Known for its dependability and consistency, the HighPlex Ascend automates MT-PCR to enable the detection of up to 40 target genes in less than 3.5 hours, or up to 24 samples per run.


Perform MT-PCR for up to 24 samples in a single run. With an average of 3 runs per 8 hrs, this equates to up to 72 samples per day.


With it’s small footprint, the HighPlex Ascend system has a footprint of just 1 meter, saving you precious benchspace.


Set up is simple and requires just 3 minutes of hands-on time. Reagents snap in place to ensure smooth operation.


While the second step of MT-PCR is being performed in the ​MT-Analyser, the next run can be set up in the HighPlex Ascend Processor, allowing parallel processing and optimal use of time.


Total processing time (24 samples):
Step 1 MT-PCR 1 hr 55 mins
Step 2 MT-PCR & analysis 1 hr 15 mins

Total hands-on time:
10 mins

Features & Benefits

  • Test up to 24 samples per run
  • Small footprint - requires less than 1 m of bench space
  • Separate preamplification and real-time PCR allows optimal efficiency
  • Automatic results calling
  • UV deck sterilisation minimises contamination risks

System Specifications

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