Dependable automation delivering high quality results every time

AusDiagnostics’ flagship multiplex platform the Highplex is a reliable everyday solution for laboratories with medium throughput needs. Known for its dependability and consistency, the Highplex automates MT-PCR to enable the detection of up to 30 target genes in less than 3.5 hours for 24 samples.

Total processing time (24 samples):
Step 1 MT-PCR 3 hrs
Step 2 MT-PCR & analysis 1 hr 15 mins

Total hands-on time:
10 mins

Features & Benefits

  • Test up to 24 samples per run
  • Small footprint - requires less than 1 m of bench space
  • Cost effective from just 5 samples per run
  • Separate preamplification and real-time PCR allows optimal efficiency
  • Automatic results calling
  • UV deck sterilisation minimises contamination risks
Up to 24 samples per run

Perform MT-PCR for up to 24 samples in a single run. With an average of 4 runs per 8 hrs, this equates to up to 96 samples per day.

Save precious bench space with small footprint

​Just 1.3 meters is required for the Highplex, allowing optimal use of space for other critical systems.

Separated processing and analysis allows optimal workflow

While the second step of MT-PCR is being performed in the ​MT-Analyser, the next run can be set up in the Highplex Processor, allowing parallel processing and optimal use of time.

System Specifications

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The Highplex system is intended for in vitro diagnostics use by authorised clinical testing laboratories in Australia, and the European Economic Area and is included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), and compliant with the European IVD Directive 98/79/EC.