Ultraplex 3

The ultimate multiplex PCR platform for high-throughput processing

The new Ultraplex 3 can deliver results for up to 96 extracted samples in 3 hours with just 10 minutes of hands-on time.

Total processing time (96 samples):
Step 1 MT-PCR 1 hr 45 mins
Step 2 MT-PCR & analysis 1 hr 15 mins

Total hands-on time:
10 mins

Features & Benefits

  • Processes up to 96 samples per run
  • Automation for MT-PCR allows detection of up to 30 gene targets simultaneously
  • Streamlined efficiency - up to 3 microplates prepared concurrently
  • Faster processing with an 8-channel pipettor head
  • Samples per annum - 36,000 - 72,000
  • Cost effective starting from 15 samples
High-precision liquid handling

Powerful pressure monitoring and swift liquid level detection safeguards the accuracy and precision of liquid handling by each of the eight pipette channels. Utilising air displacement non-contact dispensing, there is no need for system liquids, providing greater convenience, and lowering maintenance requirements. Easily exchangeable inline filters prevent liquid being drawn into the pipetting head to add security and protection for the device.

Streamlined efficiency

Simultaneous processing and preparation of microplates and test components greatly enhances throughput. The streamlined automatic process is programmed to ensure assay reproducibility and the most efficient application of resources.

System Specifications

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The Ultraplex 3 is intended for in vitro diagnostics use by authorised clinical testing laboratories in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the European Economic Area. Research use only in the USA.