December 2023 Newsletter

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A year of innovation

December is an important opportunity to look back on the progress made in the past year, to celebrate achievements, and congratulate those who made them possible.

In 2023, we questioned long-standing norms to refresh and optimise our multiplexed diagnostics portfolio – changes that collectively demonstrate an improved user experience and patient outcomes.

It was also a year of innovation in sustainability, as we published our AusDiagnostics 360 Graduate Scheme to promote Women and Indigenous graduates in STEM, and also installed solar panels to offset the impact of our company operations.

We were also thrilled to officially launch our Prepyx® range, pioneered by the Prepyx® Stool Extraction-Free Buffer, enabling rapid and flexible testing of gastrointestinal pathogens without the need for extraction.

The AusDiagnostics team wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our community of staff, distributors, and users for working with us to deliver positive change in the diagnostics industry and beyond. We can’t wait for another year of collaboration and innovation!

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Something special is coming…

Our team have been quietly working behind the scenes to bring you a brand new innovation to uplift the calibre of your diagnostics workflow.




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Improvements to our Gastrointestinal portfolio

We are committed to continuously improving our products and services based on user feedback. As a result of careful post-market surveillance, we are thrilled to share several upcoming improvements to our range of Gastrointestinal TandemPlex® panels.

The product changes were communicated to existing customers in a detailed advisory notice, and will improve the specificity, genotype inclusivity, non‑specific background amplification, robustness, and stability of certain assays.

Additionally, each of the updated panels will be released in universal format, allowing users to take advantage of these panels on both the HighPlex and UltraPlex 3.


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Decluttering Diagnostics; New product categories

Molecular technologies can easily complicate your search for the right product. That’s why we recently updated our TandemPlex® panel organisation structure to a new suite of 9 TandemPlex®categories.

The new categories offer a more industry-relevant framework to navigate your information search, ensuring that you find the panels that you would expect to see under each category.

We hope the new categories offer additional clarity and save you precious time.

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New brochures

We recently published a new suite of brochures for our TandemPlex®, automation and sample-purification product lines.

For the first time, our diverse portfolio of products are unified with a consistent, professional look and feel.




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What we’re doing to be a more sustainable company

Sustainability is a broad, multifaceted issue that involves us all. It spans the environmental, social, economic, legal, and political domains of our society. Becoming a sustainable organisation is a lofty goal, but we need to start somewhere. Here’s what we achieved in 2023.

To lessen our environmental impact, we installed 376 solar panels on our Sydney Headquarters. Our enviable view of the iconic Sydney skyline now features a shiny, technological foreground. The network of panels will reduce our accountable emissions by 95%, preventing 169 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year. This is the equivalent of planting more than 32,000 trees.


In addition to environmental sustainability, we are working to uplift gender equality and reduce other social inequalities as part of our AusDiagnostics 360 Graduate Program. The program is a unique experience designed to give female and indigenous graduates the opportunity to work in a curated cross-section of our diverse workplace.

The paid 18-month sequence of placements in key departments will enable participants to engage in our unique diversity of job specialisations, from molecular research to regulatory affairs. At the conclusion of the program, eligible participants receive an offer for employment.

We look forward to sharing more about our sustainability mission in 2024.


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Company cultural highlights

We all see things each day that others may not get to see. This quarter, we challenged our staff to photograph their own unique perspectives as part of our inaugural Photography Competition.

The quality of the submissions blew us away and sparked many discussions about the way we work together.

Our congratulations went to Alex Vassiliades, Procurement and Logistics Team Leader, for her winning entry ‘Close of Business’.


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Our holiday shutdown dates

With the holiday season here, we wanted to let you know the dates of our shutdown period.

Please note we will be closed from Friday 22nd December 2023, returning Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

  • Final submission of all Purchase Orders: Friday 15th December
  • Final dispatch of all available orders: Tuesday 19th December

Contact us now to prepare for the holidays.

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Careers with AusDiagnostics

Our workplace is a melting pot of talents and personalities from around the globe.

When you join our company, you join a network of passionate experts who enjoy a culture of mentorship and collaboration.

We are currently hiring for a Quality Control Laboratory Assistant role and a responsible Territory Sales Manager.

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Join our network of diagnostics professionals

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In case you missed it, here is a taste of our recent updates from Linkedin.


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