March 2024 Newsletter

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How we’re improving diagnostics for our customers and their patients

Our dedicated team continuously strives to improve our products and services based on the user feedback we receive. We are thrilled to share several improvements to our range of TandemPlex® panels, software, and instruments.

Respiratory Pathogens panels

In February, we informed customers of a series of improvements to several panels in our Respiratory Pathogens portfolio.

  • Improved inclusion and detection of Influenza A assays
  • Improved sensitivity of Influenza A typing assays for H3, updated for new mutations
  • Prevented non-specific amplifications in RSV-A assays
  • Improved discrimination of Human Parainfluenza 1, 2, 3, & 4 assays for more consistent hPIV typing
  • Updated calling algorithm for clearer differential diagnosis of Rhinovirus / Enterovirus
  • Updated various IFU documentation for additional information and clarity

The new versions of these panels are expected to be released in early April 2024.

Gastrointestinal panels

In early March, we informed users of our Faecal Bacteria and Parasites 12-well panel (REF 25041) about improvements to this product. The new panel features an improved Shiga toxin assay, and Shiga-like toxin 1 assay. The changes will provide users with improved assay performance.

MT-PCR Software

Also in March, our team released an improved version of our MT-PCR Assay Setup software. The new version includes a variety of updates to improve traceability of samples, broader panel compatibility, quality of life changes, and easier troubleshooting.

  • Greater alignment with your extraction workflow with integration of extraction lot number information, improving traceability
  • Improved flexibility with 16-well panels now compatible
  • Improved accuracy and integrity of assaying with new mechanisms to mitigate droplet formation
  • Improved clarity and consistency with updated reagent naming conventions
  • Improved the technical support experience with the introduction of several features
  • Various bug fixes

MT-Prep XL

Additionally, we provided an updated version of the MT-Prep XL software scripts. The changes will improve the user experience by reducing the possibility of errors, providing clearer communication, and overall workflow improvements.

  • More convenient selection of the sample tube type
  • Unified consumables with the deep well plates also functioning as elution plates
  • Improved error handling in cases where insufficient consumables are loaded
  • Improved error management with physical checking to ensure correct location of consumables
  • Greater clarity of required reagent amounts
  • Automatic population of certain consumable IDs
  • Bug fixes

Should you have any questions about AusDiagnostics products and updates, please reach out to your local AusDiagnostics representative.

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Where to see our exciting new products

We’ve been leaving hints over the past few months about the innovations our team have been working diligently to bring to your lab. The new products promise to radically reshape the way you perform your molecular diagnostics workflow, saving you hours of precious time, and ensuring you reliably obtain the most accurate diagnostic answers.

Our expert team of Product Managers are excited to announce that two brand new instruments will debut at the 34th European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) conference. Additionally, a new reagent kit will be revealed, enabling a sophisticated new sample preparation method.

Find the r-Biopharm booth at ECCMID 2024 to be the first to see our latest innovations and have your questions answered in person.


Join us at the r-Biopharm Booth
27 – 30 April 2024
Barcelona, Spain

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ASM Microbe 2024
Join us at Stand #2621
13 – 17 June 2024
Atlanta, USA

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ASM National Meeting 2024
1 – 4 July 2024
Brisbane Australia

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ADLM Clinical Lab Expo 2024
Join us at Stand #2049
29 July – 1 August 2024
Chicago, USA

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NZIMLS Annual Scientific Meeting 2024
28 – 30 August 2024
New Zealand

Registrations opening soon.

If you’re unable to join us at the conference, don’t worry. Join our social media community and our mailing list for all the updates.

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USA: Meet your Territory Sales Manager

Kevin Fernander
Territory Sales Manager

Kevin brings an impressive 16 years of experience in the clinical diagnostics industry, working with a range of clients to find solutions to address their own specific challenges, and helping to deliver greater patient care.
Our customers will benefit from Kevin’s wealth of molecular diagnostics knowledge and patient-focussed sales approach.


When you focus on doing what is right, you gain your team’s trust and your customer’s loyalty. You then can move mountains because your fulcrum is integrity.
‑ Kevin Fernander



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Career opportunities at AusDiagnostics

Joining our company means joining a melting pot of experienced industry professionals and being among a network of mentors. We hire for a diverse range of positions from lab staff, researchers, engineers, sales, service, and specialised administration roles.

We’re currently searching for an experienced Territory Sales Manager to be based in Sydney, Australia. If you have a successful record of helping businesses overcome their own unique challenges, consider applying for this role.

View our vacancies below, and connect with us on LinkedIn to see future opportunities with us.


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