About Us

Our Journey

Since 2006, AusDiagnostics has been committed to bringing the benefits of molecular science to the world to help enable better diagnostic decisions in human diagnostics, animal diagnostics and applied testing. The first MT-PCR panel was introduced in 2006, and since then, through ongoing collaboration with leading clinical laboratories, research institutes and experts, we have been able to deliver beneficial solutions that add value to our customers.

Today our clinical diagnostic products are used by laboratories and hospitals around the world to detect and test for a broad range of diseases and conditions. Our multiplexing platform has also helped to abridge lengthy testing processes for our customers across their different industries. Headquartered in Australia, AusDiagnostics prides itself on its evolution to a multi-national company with subsidiaries in New Zealand and the United States, as well as manufacturing facilities in Australia.

In 2022, AusDiagnostics was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of R-Biopharm AG, a leading German biotechnology company operating globally. The expansion of the product portfolio further strengthened the position as a reliable partner for diagnostics and system solutions, positively impacting customers around the globe.

Mission Statement

Purposely driven to improve patient outcomes through diagnostic innovation.

Our Values


“We live by our reputation.”

We are genuine, open and ethical in the business we conduct and the way in which we conduct it.


“Think outside convention —challenge it.”

We are passionate about continuous improvement. We constantly push the envelope of innovation to create dynamic solutions that add value to our customers.


“We value our people and partners.”

We regard our people and partners in the highest of esteem — we collaborate and connect with dignity and transparency.


“Freedom and power to make a difference.”

We are the unification of the ideas and contributions of our people — we enable individuals to actuate and excel.


“Different individuals on the same journey.”

We celebrate diversity and actively foster an inclusive culture where individuals can form meaningful and crucial connections. We embrace unique ideas and talents because this is what drives innovation and continual growth.