AusDiagnostics announces Marco Calzavara as Business Director for UK and Europe

AusDiagnostics is delighted to announce the appointment of Marco Calzavara as its new Business Director for UK and Europe.

In his new role, Mr Calzavara will be responsible for operations and staff across the UK and Europe.

Mr Calzavara is the former founder and president of the esteemed biotechnology company Bioline, now owned by Meridian Bioscience. He established Bioline in 1992 in United Kingdom, growing the business from humble beginnings into a global organisation with subsidiaries throughout United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Italy, Germany and Australia, each with an impressive network of distributors.

Announcing Mr Calzavara’s appointment, AusDiagnostics CEO Scott Gilroy said: “Marco is a respected leader and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the biotechnology sector and holds extensive knowledge in reagent formulation, production and manufacturing, regulatory affairs, legal governance, strategic enterprise, and commercialisation of R&D products to market.

“2021 continues to be one of the most rewarding years for the AusDiagnostics brand as we position from strength to strength within the global molecular diagnostics market. This union marks another significant step in AusDiagnostics’ growth journey, positioning us stronger for the future.”

Reflecting on his appointment, Mr Calzavara said: “I’m excited to be joining AusDiagnostics and leading the team in the UK. The company has great prospects with its diagnostic solutions, and I am looking forward to working with the dedicated staff and distributors to drive even greater business growth in the UK and Europe.”

Former COO of AusDiagnostics UK, Richard Hale, will transition to a Scientific Consultant position for AusDiagnostics.