Interview: Kylie Derbyshire, Director of R&D discusses barriers facing women in STEM

Interview: Kylie Derbyshire, Director of R&D discusses Women in STEM

Kylie Derbyshire, Director of Research & Development at AusDiagnostics shared her insights in the barriers facing women in STEM in an interview with Balance the Grind.

In her full interview, Kylie provides an inspiring account of the changing attitudes toward women expressing vision, particularly in the biotechnology sector.


“In the past, emotional intelligence and empathy were seen as weaknesses of women in the workplace and I think it’s wonderful that companies are starting to realise that these qualities are vital strengths in leaders.”


“Unfortunately, women still have to battle against the perception that having vision and the drive to achieve are negative attributes – it is essential the companies develop supportive and inclusive cultures that nurture women and ensure that leadership qualities are not repressed, and that all staff feel comfortable to innovate and challenge convention. Well-being of our staff is core to our policies.”
– Kylie Derbyshire, AusDiagnostics Director of Research & Development.

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